Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nigeria Update 1 May 25, 2012

Hello everyone. I hope all is well with you. The last week and a half has been very good. So many things to tell you all about. We landed in Abuja, where we were immediately taken to Lokoja to the orphanage there. We were put up in a small Christian hotel run by the Nigerian people, because the orphanage is not as complete they would like it to be for us to stay in it. The food was great, but they never offered us pounded yam and soup or any of the other Nigerian dishes that we love so much. That was ok.
We spent almost 2 days in Lokoja. The first day we pick up seventeen 4 year olds from preschool. These are the oldest kids at the orphanage in Lokoja. All 17 of them were put in a Toyota Land Cruiser with us and the driver. So much fun. :) We made several stops and at each stop they would get more and more excited that we were coming to see them and play with them. It was a good way to practice the Igala we had lost. That day the kids got twine of all different colors. So we would wrap it up for them in a nice bundle and they would unroll it and make us tie it up again. Several of them wanted to play catch and so we played catch with a soccer ball. The second day being Saturday the kids were all there, but by the time we arrived allbut the babies had been put down for a nap, so it was very quiet and I got time to look around. I land is very nice and it has alot of room. The building is fairly big. They told us there was about 60-70 children at the orphanage in Lokoja and all of them are under 4 years old.
Saturday afternoon we went off to Otutulu village where the original orphanage is at. We were very surprised when we arrived there to find a wall and a gate house all around the compound. (the wall is not completed yet. It is good for security purposes, but I feel like I am locked out from the rest of the world, sometimes. I feel like it is it's own little village next to the other village. There are good and bad things about it. Nigeria itself has changed, but because of the seasons. I thought it was beautiful during dry season. It is even more beautiful during rainy season and much cooler, but way more humid. :) I am really enjoying it. It feels like I have come home once again, that it is natural for me to be here. I love the kids and the people. Monday, I started as a substitute teacher for 1st graders. Wow that was crazy. Many of them act up because they want you attention. It has been hard, but good. There are good and bad things about teaching. :)  That is mostly what has consumed my days for the past week. Some of them I wish I could take them aside for an hour and just work with them on specific things. Others are so smart and are good in their classes. I have also driven the bus to school for the past week for Crystal. (Crystal Gosnell, the white missionary lady at the orphanage who primarily runs the school and does a lot of other things). I have spent time with the children. There are about 200 children at this orphanage. There is always some one who needs attention.
Next week I will be moving into the boys dorm to make sure they settle down and are in bed at night and to disciple them, from what I understand. This Sunday, I will be preaching at the local assembly on Daniel 4. I would appreciate your prayers in this matter and also in that I will be traveling to the different villages to preach the gospel several nights this coming week. I am excited about it. I will be going to a couple new villages. Also a good friend and interpreter of mine from the last time is still around and he will be my interpreter again. I am very excited for that. We have had many good times together. I am thoroughly enjoying myself here. 
I must tell you one more thing before I close this letter. Scorpions are amazing fast. I was very surprised. It was black and about the size of my hand maybe a little bigger. It attacked me. I was suprised how fast I moved to pick up my shoe and kill it. :) No, I did not get stung nor was I really that close to being, but I did almost step on it and it did come after me. The fun adventures of africa. A first time for everything. :)
Thank you all for your prayers. I appreciate them very much.
Please pray for
1. Patience for all of us.
2. Erik a little baby that has been sick that Crystal is caring for.\
3. Pray for Immanuella a two week baby who is being cared for by Shana. She is premature and has been a little sick.
4. Pray for wisdom in what I should be involved in.
5. Pray for the people here that I get to share the gospel with that their hearts would be open.
Thank you all again.
Your bro in Christ,
T.J. Kerttula

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  1. TJ, Bob and I pray for you and Shana each morning as we have morning devotional. We ask for God's guidance and direction in your lives and for your experience in Nigeria.