Monday, May 14, 2012

Pre Nigeria Update

Hello friends,
One day until we leave for Nigeria!!! We will be leaving for Nigeria from Helena, MT early on Wednesday morning and we will arrive in Nigeria on the 17th at 3:30 in the afternoon their  time. I am excited to see what the Lord is going to do on this trip. I am excited to see the kids again and spend time with them. I will be working mainly at the orphanage this time. When I get there I will be teaching preschoolers or 2nd graders. The churches in Nigeria are stuck in a false sense of Salvation. Most that come to the churches are nominal Christians who come to it because it is a social event and sometimes it gives you more status in the community. I will be working with some of the local churches in the nearby villages on the weekends, teaching and doing evangelism and discipleship. I will also be living in the boy’s dorm to supervise them as there is no adult there at this time to supervise them.

My sister, Shana, will be taking care of some babies and also teaching school. She will be staying with the missionary lady at the orphanage. She will be helping out wherever needed.

  • Some Prayer requests are:
  • 1.       Pray that I would have patience with the kids and show them Christ’s love.
  • 2.       For the churches in Nigeria that they would have a desire for godliness and a desire to grow spiritually and learn what the Bible says.
  • 3.       For Boldness to speak the truth no matter what.
  • 4.       For protection and safety on the way there and while we are driving through the country and while we are there.
  • 5.        There is a spiritual war going on everywhere, but a lot of times it shows up more in Africa. You can pray for the people that they would not be afraid of the pagan rituals and realize that they are free from the power of that if they are in Christ.
  • 6.       Pray for the orphanage that the kids there would come to Salvation.
  • 7.       Pray for opportunities to speak to the Muslims in the village and to sit with them and talk and get to know them.
  • 8.       Pray for us that we would not get sick while we are there. We will be there in rainy season and from what I understand there is a bigger chance of getting malaria at this time.
  • 9.       In the last three weeks the orphanage has gotten three sets of twins and in this last year there has been more twins than ever before, that being I believe 6 sets.  So pray for helpers and pray that they might be cared for well.
This is a short list for now. I will send out more each week as they come up. Thank you for your prayers. My sister and I appreciate them very much.
Your brother in Christ,
T.J. Kerttula

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