Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nigeria Update 2, June 4, 2012

Hello everyone,
Everything is going well here in Otutulu at the orphanage. Last Saturday was visitor’s day, so many of the parents or relatives came to visit. Many of the children lost their mothers, but their fathers are still living.  I spent some time with the kids. That was pretty fun. Sunday was Children’s Day. It is a national holiday, but we decided to celebrate it on Monday, because of the day off from school. So Sunday we rested. Monday, we sent the 4-6 graders to Anyigba to a festival at the local University. The rest of the children stayed behind and did different activities like swimming, crafts, games and watching film. There were six classes from preschool to 3rd grade. I was in charge of the group going to the stream which is a mile down and a mile back. I took three groups and another teacher took 3 groups. In the end I took the 2nd graders, preschool 1 and 1st graders. It was crazy going down to the stream with them. They don't understand English every well so I was mixing Igala and English to get them to understand. Going down is the easy part. I would take them and two of the groups would run down to the stream which was fine, but to get them to run coming back up, that was a different case. :) I had a lot of fun just taking them and playing with them and got a bunch of exercise. On a couple of trips one of the kids hurt themselves so they would need a piggy back ride. :)  On Tuesday I became sick with a virus of some kind. This lasted through Thursday morning when I finally felt much better. During that time I was able to rest and read and do a little writing. It was really good to do some thinking. Thursday later in the morning I was feeling well enough to try to get Crystals car ready to go to Anyigba on Saturday. So I checked the brakes and charged the battery and pumped up the tires. Thankfully there was not much wrong with it.  Friday we got ready for our guests to come. Mrs. Gross's children (see “Alimo’s story” at to find more about Mrs. Gross) and their families came from the US for a memorial service here in Nigeria, some of them came down to the orphanage to visit. It was nice to meet some of them for the first time and see others again. Today we went to Anyigba to the memorial service. It was very nice and I really enjoyed it even though I did not understand much of it. The thing that kept coming to mind as I was sitting there was torchbearers. The Greeks would have their relay races with torches and would pass them off to the next man in line. So also are we in a race and when we die we are to have passed the torch on to another. We are to have passed the Light onto another that they might also continue on in the faith and pass the torch on to others, just as Paul passed it onto Timothy and to Titus and to others.  While we were there a man came up to me and made me do an interview with him. totally caught me off guard. If I had thought about what I wanted to say what I would have said would have made more sense, but I am sure it did not make sense at all. Every night this week it has rained so we have not been able to go out and share the gospel. This next week I will be making more of an attempt at it.
Eric is feeling much better. He is the cutest baby and so happy. We hang out while Crystal needs to do things.
Prayer requests
1. Pray for me tomorrow I will be speaking on Daniel 5 and Humility. Pray for wisdom in what I say.
2. There are a lot of things that I have to understand and that I struggle with. It's not just a tea party over here where we sip our tea and have a good old time. There are struggles and frustrations. Pray for me for patience and wisdom and in cases where I need to confront that I will be bold and not care about what people think about me.
3. Pray for the kids for Salvation.
4. Pray for safety.
5. Pray for me as I am learning Igala more and more that I would understand sentence structure and grammar..
I appreciate and covet your prayers. Pray is such an important thing and I know that we many times say we will pray for someone, but forget to follow through with it. I hope that this will not be the case for you my friends. I hope that you will not only spending time in prayer for these things, but also for others and spending time in general. Thank you so much. Love all of you.
Your brother in Christ,
T.J. Kerttula

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