Friday, June 29, 2012

Nigeria Update 5, June 27, 2012

Hello everyone,
I am at the halfway mark for my trip here. This last week was very good. I went to Odu- Ofomu (not sure about the spelling) for evangelism this last weekend with an elderly gentleman, Mr. Joseph Adejo. He is a man that I love dearly. He is the one that took me to this village with the evangelism team. He has said that he will not stop going out to share the gospel until he cannot even move. The Lord gives him strength to continue to go. Though he is in a wheel chair because of breaking his leg, he goes with us and prays for the people going out to preach than, he does one of the afternoon teaching sessions. There are two of them. Both of the sessions were in Igala. There were not many people speaking to me in Igala and I was starting to be able to hear Igala much better. I was there Friday through Saturday. We went out two mornings to talk to people. I was able to talk to many people during that time, especially Muslims.  The village is fairly big and many of the people are Muslims.

Friday, we talked with several more people. A few that I would like to mention. The first one I want to mention is the two Muslim women. They quoted what they knew about Islam, but they did not know what they really believed, as we talked many kids came to see us. In the end we gave them all pictures with Igala verses on them. After that we went to talk with an old man who was a non-practicing pagan. He talked with us and told us that he did not need to be a Christian because the Christians in town acted exactly like he did so if that was the case, why did he need to change.  It grieved me to hear of this. I pleaded with the old man to look at Christ and not those who say they follow Him. He said he would think about it.

One of the little boys, Samuel, was following us around and he told me he can hear and speak English. So I told him to come and see me at the church. We went and talked to a group of men and they claimed to be Christians so I encouraged them to live lives after Christ’s example. We went back to the church with the little boy. We found that he could only speak and hear English and Hausa. As we talked with him we found that his parents were both Igala, but they had lived in Hausaland. Therefore when he was born he spoke Hausa and English. His English was very good. He went on to tell us his father had died and his mother was very sick and needed a blood transfusion. We went to see what we could do to help her and prayed for her and shared the gospel with her. She is a Roman Catholic, who had no idea of what Jesus Christ did for her. It was really nice to be able to get to share the gospel with her and to hang out with her son. He is a very nice little boy. He sat for hours with me during our session, not even knowing what they were saying and all he wanted to do was hang out with me. I enjoyed it very much. They said that thirteen people came to Christ that weekend. Praise the Lord.

The whole time I was there I ate Igala food. I love Igala food. I was so happy, because I had not had many of the dishes that I love until then. I even had a new dish that was pounded corn. I have never had that one before, but it was not a surprise that I liked it.  I am so thankful for the Igala lady that cooked for me. She was a great cook.

In the evenings I would stay at Mr. Adejo’s compound. He has some adopted children, five of them from the ages 16-21. I had a great time hanging out with them. We had some excellent conversations. I was very encouraged and they were sorry to see me go. I very much enjoyed my time there and hope to go back there sometime in the near future to go with him to do evangelism again.

Sunday, I was at the Igala church in Anyigba. It was very good. The meeting is held right at Mr. Adejo’s house. I enjoyed my time with the believers there.

I love taking time to hang out with the boys here at the orphanage. We have a great time together. In some ways I wish I could stay out here for a much longer time. I love it here. I only wish I did not have three more years of school left.

One of the other things I am enjoying  is to go to the village and greet the children and elderly and everyone in between. I have gotten many opportunities to share the gospel because I have greeted them in Igala.

Thank you all for your prayers. I appreciate them so much. I will be travelling to Ika to visit Tom and Benji Wheeler, and Spencer Dibble this weekend and hopefully I will stay for a couple of weeks, spending some time with them and helping them.

Please pray:
1.       for the outreach in Odu- Ofomu that the follow up would go well.
2.       for the Igala church in Anyigba.
3.       for Joseph Adejo, that his health would get better.
4.       for Samuel and his mother and brothers and sisters that they would come to know Christ as their Savior.
5.       for repairs on the vehicle I have been driving. That I can either repair it or that it won’t need to be repaired.
6.       for travel to Ika and my time there. I hope to be able to do more language study while I am there so maybe that the lord will help me to have more understanding of it and to be able to pick it up well and fast.

Thank you all, again for your prayers.

Your brother in Christ,
T.J. Kerttula

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