Friday, February 8, 2013

Short Bit of Encouragment

I have been given a voice in order to speak. Yet I have kept silent on more then one occasion. Every Christian that has a voice has the ability to preach the gospel and yet like Moses more then once we make excuses. Excuses like I am not good at talking, I am scared. Where is our trust in God Who can use us in ways we could never imagine, Who can give us the words to say. My God is powerful and awesome and He can and will use those willing to serve Him. Even if they do not speak elegantly or if they are scared. I think of Isaiah, who when the Lord ask, who will go to Israel and tell them to turn back to Me?, replied here am I, send me. Friends, let us have willing hearts and let us not tremble before man because God is with us. We have an opportunity to share a message that people have been Martyred for and we have the privilege to speak. Some Christians in other countries have had their tongues cut out so they can't proclaim the gospel. Seize this great and wonderful opportunity that we have. If we do not sharing the gospel, we act as if it is foolishness to us, just as the world sees it as foolishness. Go and preach the gospel.