Saturday, June 5, 2010

Update from Helena, MT June 5

Hello everyone, It has been a while since I have written. We are safely back home and recuperated and ready to go. The Lord has been working in our lives and our passion to go back to Nigeria has not died. But we are not just sitting here doing nothing. This last Monday I was able to go out and do street evangelism with my friends Scott and Jeremy. It was rainy but I think that you have the best conversations when it is raining or snowing. It was just like that then too. We walked around and passed out tracts and then we went up past the movie theater to a park where Scott was able to talk to two people who did not know the gospel. While he was doing that I went back down to the movie theater and caught a big group of people coming in. Scott finished up and we went on to hill park. There was a group of kids I hadn’t met yet. Scott knew some of them. He talked to a group of them and I went over to another group that was playing hacky sack and asked if I could join. As we played I asked them about the gospel. One kid, an Atheist, told me that it was impossible that the Bible was true and that there was no God and that we were all god and a part of god,(Therefore not a true Atheist) and kept talking so that I couldn’t get a word in edgewise and then he said he was tired of listening to this and left with all but one of his friends. I had to smile because I didn’t even get to say anything really, he was talking almost the whole time. I turned to the other kid and started talking to him about the gospel. He was very receptive. In the end he gave me his e-mail address and I hope to be able to meet with him again. I went p the hill and met a Christian girl and her non-Christian boyfriend. The girl thought it was cool that I was out telling people about Jesus the guy just rolled his eyes and said they had to go. Farther up the hill I questioned two young ladies about the gospel. They were students from Carroll College and they thought they would just turn into particles floating in space when they died. They wanted to know the gospel and then they decided that they didn’t want to know it but said they would read the tracts. On the way back to the car we didn’t meet anyone. Pray for these people that we met that the Lord would do a work in their lives that they might come to know Him. The rest of this week I have been working a part time job. Please pray that I would find a more full time job or another part time job in the evening or night. The Lord is so good.

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