Friday, June 11, 2010

Home is Where the Heart Is.

A phrase that we see at many people’s house. Let’s think about that for a second or two. We see that and we say wow yeah my heart is in such and such a place on this earth so that is where home is. Yes my physical home is in Montana but let’s look at this phrase from a different aspect. As a Christian our home is in heaven. 2 Corinthians 5:8. IS that where our heart is? Is our heart in heaven? Are we thinking about heaven and what a wonderful place it will be? When I was in Bible College there were a few guys that I was very impressed with. They would always talk about heaven and what a glorious day it would be. They were looking forward to heaven they wanted to go to heaven they were ready to go home in an instant and they were excited about going home. There heart was in heaven and still is. It was something that was so cool to see and I said to myself that is what I want to be like. I want my heart to be in heaven. I want to be thinking about how great it will be when we finally go home and see our Lord face to face. It will be a beautiful day. We should be anxious and patient at the same time. I can’t wait to go but I am waiting on the Lord to come and take me there. In the mean time we should be laboring to bring as many people with us to heaven. If our mind is set on things above and our heart is also there then our thoughts should be on our Lord who is coming soon. He is coming sooner then we know. Another thought occurred to me as I was thinking about this there were several people that had died in the last two weeks from the retirement home I worked at and some that were fairly young. I asked myself again if I was doing all I could to tell others about Jesus Christ before He comes or before they died. We have become satisfied with sitting in our chairs and saying “actions speak louder than words”. “They will be able to tell I am a Christian by my actions” but the sad thing is that every day I meet people that say they are Christians but you could not tell that they are Christians by their actions. They have filthy language, they act just like the world, they have compromised their walk with Christ or they have not truly believed in Him. Most have been told say this prayer and you will be saved. There is no repentance in them they are still in the old man. They have not shed the old man to put on the new man. They believe Christ was a man but they do not believe in Him. They do not know what He did for them. They don’t care. They use God as someone who can get them out of hard situations and forget about Him the rest of the time. Going back to the phrase” actions speak louder than words”. In some instances that is true but that should not be the whole of it. That is where most people stop. “Actions speak louder than words so I will just show people Christ through my actions.” The problem is that in the Great commission by our Lord, He tell us to “preach the gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:15) Actions are not enough to bring people to Christ. It is actions and words that bring people to Christ. We must also preach the gospel to them. Sometimes words are louder then actions. We are scared to tell others about Christ. We are scared what they might think about us. Why does it matter what they think about us? We are Christians. Sometimes we are even afraid we might lose a better opportunity to talk to them later on. The Lord is in control of everything. He will use what we say for His good because it is not us that bring them to Christ but it is God that brings them. So Go, preach the gospel our home is not here on earth it is in heaven and heart should be there also. Our Lord is coming back soon. Are we preparing for His coming, Are we preaching the gospel? Many have not heard. Go and preach the gospel, looking towards our Home in heaven. Someday soon all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ will be there. Sooner than you think.

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  1. Amen. We see this a lot on the street don't we TJ. I also have heard an un-biblical saying similar to "actions speak louder than words" and it is "share the gospel and if necessary use words" This is the most propostorious statement you could say. It would be like me saying, "tell me your phone number, and if necessary use numbers" Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.