Sunday, January 23, 2011

Glorifying God in Everything We Watch, Listen to and Do

Some Christians a long time ago saw worldly things coming out as new fads and decided that they were not for the glory of God. One such thing was going to shows (movies). Now days many Christians say you are “old fashion” if you don't watch or be a part these things. It has been on my heart lately how many bad things there are in many movies and shows. These bad things are not glorifying to God. Most Christians just set this aside and try to allegorize the movie so that they come up with a principle found in the Bible. They try to make an excuse to watch something that is not glorifying to God. I can honestly say that I have no problem with movies, as long as they are glorifying to God. Sometimes we make excuses so that we can satisfy our selfish desires instead of glorifying God. Other times we want to look just like the world so that we can try to get more of them to believe Christ. Something seems wrong with that way of thinking. Brothers and Sister of Christ, we are called to be different from the world. We are called to not be the same as the world, but going back to the topic at hand. I am not saying that all movies or shows are bad and that we should never watch them. The question we should ask our self is, “Is this glorifying to God? Is what I watch, what I listen to, what I do glorifying to God? If Jesus were sitting with us watching, would He be pleased? Or would He be disappointed that we are wasting our lives in such a way that has no spiritual benefit to us? Wasting our life on things that draw us away from Him? Wasting our time on things that could cause us to stumble into sin?” These are questions we should look at in light of scripture. 1 Corinthians 10:31 “Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” Colossians 3:1-17 (look it up and read it in your Bible). I find that if I listen to stuff that is not glorifying to God I seem to have a bad attitude. On the other hand if I listen to things that are glorifying to God then I am encouraged and have a good attitude. If we are setting our minds on things above then we should be thinking about things that are glorifying to God. Everything we do is to be done for the glory of Christ. If we fill our minds with garbage we will have bad attitudes and we won’t be thinking about things above. If we fill ourselves with things of Christ then we will have good attitudes. We will be setting our minds on things above and we will reflect Christ through our lives even more. We will be a brighter light shining for Christ.

I have been thinking of these things because I see a lack of godliness and righteousness in “Christians” lives. It made me ask myself what is the reason for this? What can I do to make people think about godliness and righteousness? What can I do to make them think about glorifying God in everything they do, watch and hear? There is a song that really makes you think about the effects of what we put in our minds. It’s called “Garbage in” by Tal and Acacia. “Garbage in, Garbage out what goes in is found out, all can see what goes in me, I pay the price.” Brothers and sisters in Christ this may only be a sliver of what we must look at to live a godly and righteous life but it is a good place to start. I challenge you to glorify God in everything that you do.

I will leave you with a quote to ponder from My Heart, My Life, My All by William MacDonald:“As the deeper significance of what happened there (At Calvary) begins to dawn on him or her, that person will never be the same. He says, in effect: ‘I have seen a vision, And for self I cannot live. Life is worthless, Unless all I give.’ People (True believers in Jesus Christ) like that will never again be satisfied with a bland Christian life. They determine that they will never again lower themselves to the chill of their environment. They realize that the Christianity they see every day is not the Christianity of the New Testament. A new drive controls them. They have a passion that absorbs their waking hours. They may become what some call a fanatic, but that does not deter them in the least. If they have lost their mind, they have found the mind of Christ. If they are beside themselves, it is for God. If they seem odd and out of step, it is because they march to the beat of a different Drummer. They don't want anything to come between their soul and full commitment to the Savior."


  1. Right on TJ. I have wondered how a Christian can watch anything on TV for their entertainment that uses the Lord's name in vain, which is almost every show.

    Check out this guy, on the same subject

  2. I agree whole heartedly T.J. We are called to be separate from the world, and to be holy as He is holy. I am encouraged when I see young men like you standing for Christ in a wicked and perverse generation. As a matter of fact there are very few. It takes a godly man to do so and I am praying that God will continue to grant you grace and boldness to live for Him.
    His slave your servant
    tim k