Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gospel speech in Business 201

The Lord laid upon my heart to give a gospel speech in my business class on the last day of classes. I was thinking on what to do my speech on. It is my policy to share the gospel any chance I get. So it was an easy decision. I started to prepare and thought of how I could do it in five minutes. I prepared my outline for my teacher and to keep me from going off on tangents. Five minutes is a very short time. When some of my friends asked me what I was doing for my speech I told them and they gladly prayed for me. The Lord was definitely working as some of the guys in the other sections also shared the gospel in their classes. As the time grew closer to the speech I found myself very busy, but the Lord helped me to not feel tired. I was so excited at this amazing opportunity. I was also very nervous because my classmates get to ask questions afterwards and I was sure that one of the Muslim guys would ask a question. I was thinking of all the hard questions that could be asked of me and praying that I would have the words to answer those questions. I got there at 8 am and all the time I was praying for the Lord to work in the heart of my teacher as to when I was to go in the lineup. I would have loved to go last but I was called on to go first. I passed out the almost illegal literature (gospels of John) in class. There was a big ruckus and at first I didn’t hear it and then I realized what they were saying. Some of the things they said was “I don’t want any of this garbage; I don’t need this. This is dumb.” (All of this was said in much more colorful terms). I knew of at least four Christians in my class. So I started my speech I had my outline but after the first point I discarded it and just went with what I had done a thousand times over when talking to people on the street. The Lord helped me with it. I asked where people were going when they died and immediately I got most people’s attention. I went on to explain explained that we are all sinners and going to hell. Then I went on to what Christ did for us in dying on the cross and rising again. 3.5 minutes had gone by So I told them the only way to heaven was believing in Jesus Christ and in believing , turning away from their sins. Then I closed with asking them if they were to die tonight would they go to heaven? I told them that that needed to make a choice and not to wait. I think it really made some of them think. Immediately afterwards just as I predicted the Muslim fellow raised his hand and asked me if someone came and raped my sister would he go to heaven or hell. I simply answered him if he believed in Jesus Christ after he had done that he would go to heaven. He didn’t like that very much and told me he had read the Bible before and in Song of Solomon 16 (at this point I was like what Bible is he reading) Jesus said to a man that if he kept the commandments he would go to heaven. I knew the story and did not bother to correct him on the book and chapter but went on to explain to him what Jesus really said. That if the man had kept the commandments since he was born then he would go to heaven but because no one had there had to be another way and that way was Jesus Christ. Immediately afterwards my teacher rushed me off from the front of the class not wanted anyone else to ask questions. I smiled in my mind and prayed for the rest of class. Many of the unbelieving friends I had made in that class did not want to have anything to do with me after that, but that goes with sharing the gospel, so it is not a surprise. I was wondering how everything went, but I had no way of finding out. I had a bunch of other things to do so I went to check my e-mail to see if one of my professors had e-mailed me back and I found a message about the speech. A girl in my class wrote an encouraging letter to me about my speech. She is a believer. She told me what she saw while she was in the audience. She thought it was really good and that many of the kids were listening which was a great encouragement. The whole goal of this speech was to encourage the believers in the class and also to plant seeds. Praise the Lord that about 25 kids heard the gospel. Please continue to pray for them. The Lord is good. I am so thankful and excited at the opportunities I had this year and I can’t wait for more of them on campus next year. Praise the Lord for all He has done this year. Thank you all for your prayers.


  1. Good job TJ, way to fear God more than men. Seeds were planted and believers were encouraged. Thank you for your example brother.

  2. Great job! Praise God.

    I'll be sharing the gospel to my public speaking class in 2 days time. It's so encouraging to know people sharing the gospel.