Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Hope I Go to Heaven.

I was downtown doing street evangelism this afternoon. It was cold and not many people were out but as the Lord allowed me to talk to three people, I noticed a phrase that all of them said. You can probably guess what it was by the title of this note. They all said, “I hope I go to heaven.” That is an interesting phrase. I got to thinking about it and I realized that many people have this same mindset. They say they hope they go to heaven. If we truly believe in Jesus then we should know that we are going to heaven. When we say I hope I go to heaven, there is some doubt involved. It is like saying I hope I win the lottery. There is a HUGE chance that we will not win the lottery. When we say I hope I will go to heaven we are saying that there is a chance that we might not go to heaven. Are we saying that Jesus might not be able to save us then? Is our faith so small that even though we believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior we still are not certain, not convinced that we will go to heaven. It seems like we are showing that our faith is not fully in Christ. Like there is a chance that Christ might not be able to save us. I am convinced that Christ has saved me and that I am going to heaven. I know for a fact that I am going to heaven because I have put my faith in Jesus Christ. Christ Alone can save us. So when asked where I am going when I die I will say I am going to heaven. What will you say?

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