Friday, November 5, 2010

God's Timing

The other day I was thinking about some things that were heavy on my heart. One of them being the desire to be back in Nigeria right now. I was asking myself, “Why am I here at MSU? Why I am not in Nigeria?” I was reading a poem that I had written in the back of my Bible and as I read it something stuck out to me. It said, “Here I am Lord, make me ready, mold me, use me Lord.” I realized the purpose of why I was here is so the Lord can make me ready. So He can mold me and use me for His purpose. I realized that my mission is here right now. I was talking to a Christian brother about it and I was greatly encouraged by what he told me. It was something I had never thought of before. He said, “Don't forget that even while He is preparing YOU, He's also preparing the season and people who will be a critical to the success of the mission He sends you here to accomplish.” Even now as He is preparing me, He is also preparing the people. That is such an encouraging statement. The Lord’s time is always the best. My mission is to be at MSU and do what the Lord has laid on my heart to do, EVANGELISM!!! The Lord has prepared the people here for me, that’s why I am here. Even now He has prepared everything for me in the future. Once again it come down to patience and waiting on the Lord’s will for the next step of my life. There is a purpose for everything. Praise the Lord that He is in control of everything. He is making me ready and making the people I am to minister to ready to hear the gospel in His perfect timing.


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