Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Evangelism August 2011

 I am so amazed at what the Lord has been doing these last few days.

Nathan and Nathaniel came over from Stevensville to help us for a couple of days. When they arrived we went out and hung packets for several hours. At around 4 we went downtown to share the gospel with as many people we could find. The first group of kids that I walked up to shouted to me before I even got to the table. “We are Satanists”. I asked them how they knew that I was different than them and they right away told me I was a Christian and they could see it when they first saw me.  I proceeded to try to share the gospel with them but one kid pipes up and goes off on how I shouldn’t be out here sharing about this stuff, but that I should be letting people read the Bible and decided for themselves. I got in a good conversation with another one of them and I didn’t leave so they all left me and went inside the library.  I proceeded on handing out tracts trying to catch up with Nathan, Nathaniel and my sisters. They were farther down the walking mall handing out tracts. We went down to hill part were we talked to some kids and encouraged one believer and shared the gospel with the others. Nathan took a group of a few kids and every once in a while girl would interrupt him and finally I answered one of the questions the girls asked and so she came over and talked to me instead. Nathan went on and got to share the gospel with all of those kids while this girl and her friend listened to me.  PTL. Next we went up the hill to Hill park. There were some kids there so we approached them.  Job was there, He is a person who believes in everything I believe in and more, as he puts it. I had talked to him a couple weeks ago and he would not let me say anything. I did not see him at first and so I tried to talk to some of the people around him(he has a following of 270 People). There were about ten people with him. As I got to read Isaiah 53 to one kid he just told me that I had no basis for my beliefs then he tried to tell me that the air is a fluid and so is ice. I told him he was wrong and he told me that I had never taken a science class or I would have known that. Then he went on to tell me that an Ape’s DNA is only 1% off of ours and I told him again that he was wrong and that was not true. After a while he finally told me to leave so I did. I turned around and Nathan was in a good conversation with two other kids and Job had just gone over to distract them away from him. I quickly decided to take my chance with talking with Job. I drew him away from Nathan and the two guys he was talking to and we started talking. He told me about smash (an adrenaline rush you get from throwing stuff and breaking stuff). This is the basis of his belief system. Nathan got done talking with them and came over. I decided once again to take a chance at telling him the gospel. This time I told him that I had let him tell me about what he believed last time and now it was my turn to talk to him. I have no idea how I got through the whole thing, but I did without him interrupting. He has heard the gospel so he has no excuse. He told us that if anyone ever tried to hurt us he would come after them. We told him that the Lord would protect us and that we trusted in Him and not man.  Meanwhile Nathaniel gets the courage to go up to a table of guys and give them tracts. Much to his surprise there is a guy there that he knows. Nathan and I walk over to them and I say hello and one of the guys says I know you. There sits none other than Jesse Tack. A believer in Christ and a guy that I played basketball with and went to school with. We talked with each other for a while. It was encouraging how the Lord worked through that. That ended our day. What amazing work the Lord does.

Tuesday. We went out at 8:30 and hung out packets getting my projected goal done that morning. PTL
In the afternoon again we went downtown and shared the gospel. It was pretty dead down there not many people there at all. Nathan got into a good conversation with a kid. I got the chance to talk to a few people. One of them is a Christian fellow. Later on when going back to our car. I talked to some kids who were more Satanists, they were closed to the gospel. Then I met three ladies who are Christians, they were a great encouragement. Then a little while later I met a family who had just moved from Auburn, who are looking for a church. The Lord put them in my path for a reason. PTL.  All the while I was meeting more people and giving them gospel tracts. It was great. The Lord is so good to us.  : ) That evening Nathan and Nathaniel left to go back home. What a great encouragement they were to us. We had a good time fellowshipping with them.
We decided to do a small part of East Helena, with packets in the morning. All of the people we talked to were excited and glad that we were passing them out.
As I went through the crowd of people this evening at 5:15 the music had not started so people were sitting all around waiting for something to happen. As I made my way through the crowd of people handing out tracts almost all of them took them.  Some said no, but were very polite about it. Some talked to me and I got to share the gospel with them.  Many people either read the tracts I passed out or heard it directly from me. It was very encouraging. Several people I talked to were true believers in Christ. That also was very encouraging. Please pray for these people that were at Alive @ 5. Many of them needed to hear the gospel. Pray that they will be convicted of their sins.

In all that we did in these three days 1000 packet were hung out and 400 gospel tracts were passed out. PTL. Seeds have been planted. It is exciting to see all of these things happen and encouraging. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to go to Bozeman, but there is a great mission field even there.  A special thanks to Nathan and Nathaniel for coming over and to my sisters Marissa and Emma and Andrew and Seth and my Mom and Dad. Also, to all of you for praying for the evangelism this week.  The Lord works even with the smallest amount of people. Thanks to you all and Praise the Lord for all that He has done.

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