Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nigeria Update 2012

Hello Friends,

I want to first thank you for all your prayers in these past months. They have been greatly appreciated. As most of you know I have been to Nigeria, Africa about two years ago and I loved the people and the country over there and wish to go back very soon. Right now, we are in the process of sending in our (my sister, Shana and I) visas to see if the Lord will open the door. I am planning on going over this summer as I have to be back in the fall for school and Shana is planning to go from 3 to 8 months. We are hoping and praying that it will go through, but more importantly we are praying for God’s will to be done. I hope that you also will pray about this with us. The Lord is good and we would love to have the opportunity to go back once again this summer. This is a great and exciting opportunity ahead of us. :)

Thank you again for your prayers.
Your brother in Christ,
T.J. Kerttula

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