Friday, October 23, 2009

Teach Me What It Means

The original is a hymn called " O Teach Me what it Meaneth" by Lucy A. Bennett. This one has been changed a little bit and put into more modern terms. I hope you enjoy it.

Teach me what it means the cross lifted high
Man of Sorrows condemned to bleed and to die
Teach me what it cost you to make me whole
Teach me Savior teach me the value of my soul

Teach me what it means that Sacred crimson tide
The blood and water flowing from your wounded side
Teach me that if none had sinned but myself
Still your blood, Lord Jesus, would save me alone

Teach me what it means for I am full of sin
Grace alone can reach me and love alone can win
Teach for I need You I have no other way
In you alone I hope and I am here to stay

Teach me what it means the rest you give
To all the burdened people who look to you and live.
Because I am a rebel, Your pardon I have received
Because of Christ’s blood, I can, I have believed

Infinite Redeemer I bring no other plea
Because you have saved me, I cast myself on Thee
Because you have accepted me I love and adore
Because of your unfailing love I praise you evermore

Teach me what it means your love beyond compare
Your love that reaches deeper than my depths of despair
Teach me til there glows in this cold dark heart of mine
A deep pale reflection of your love divine

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