Monday, October 19, 2009

Do people know what the Gospel is?

Why is it that we think that people know what the gospel is? Many people even people who claim to be Christians do not know what the gospel is. We think that because our nation was founded on Biblical principles that people know what the gospel is. We think that because we are able to worship how we want to and that if you call yourself a Christian then you must know what the gospel is. Many people say the gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ. This is absolutely true but when asked to explain what this is they simply say it is the gospel. The question I ask is what is the Good News of Jesus Christ? What is the gospel? This is the question I ask to those people who claim to be Christians. When asked this many of these people get offended that I would ask them that question. Why are they offended? It is because they either don’t know or they don’t like it that I would actually ask a “Christian” that question. If someone asked me this question I would jump at the chance to share the gospel with them. What gets me is when someone who claims to be a Christian says that they don’t want to talk about it. What! You don’t want to talk about Jesus Christ and what He has done for you?! You don’t want to talk about the gift of eternal life that has been given to you?! What madness is this? There is no reason Christians should be offended by that question and why Christians shouldn’t want to talk about their relationship with Jesus Christ.
On the other side we assume that most unbelievers have heard the gospel but in reality they have not and if they have most of the time it has been corrupted with books and movies like the “DaVinci Code” and a lot of other books Dan Brown has written. People read these books to figure out what the Bible says instead of reading the Bible itself and so they get the wrong ideas. Their minds are twisted to thinking that this is what the Bible says but it is not. When I go out to talk to people there are some crazy wild ideas out there. People don’t understand what the gospel really is. That is why we have to tell the gospel to everyone. There is no one who can be checked off the list of people not to talk to. Everyone needs a Savior! I implore all of you to go out and don’t just pass those people who claim to be Christians by, but ask them to explain the gospel to you. Ask them what the Good News of Jesus Christ is and how to get to heaven. It will be a surprising and eye opening experience.


  1. Praise God! You nailed this subject.

  2. You're absolutely right in that last part you said about not passing by even people who claim to be Christians! I've had times where people say they're Christian just to get you off their backs. Anyone else that is reading, a good starter question in a case like that might be something like, "What does Jesus mean to you?"