Monday, November 25, 2013

November 2013 Update

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ,

I have not written in a while to tell you what has been happening here in Montana. This fall has brought school again and more opportunities to share the gospel on campus here in Bozeman. We have continued our work in handing out gospel tracts to students.

Recent Happenings

A couple of things that have happened recently have been, that I have had the opportunity to share the gospel with some of my unsaved friends that I spend a lot of time doing homework with. I am thankful for the opportunities that the Lord has given me. Another thing that happened was a bunch of the kids in my major were coming out of a class in which I happened to be walking past while handing out gospel tracts. Most of them took gospel tracts and now they know for a fact that I am a believer in Jesus Christ. This has brought about some good conversations with some of my classmates. I am thankful that I had that opportunity; because that is something I struggle with, talking with people closest to me and around me. I have had other opportunities such as talking with a former LDS about who God is. It was such a good conversation. We spent an hour sitting in the sun in 40 degree weather, just talking about the Lord as people walked by. Others were sitting nearby on benches.  I pray that they were also listening. 

Opportunities for just talking about the Lord have arisen while in the engineering computer lab with many non-believers around us. My friend Hervey ( from Uganda) and I spend some time talking about the Bible and the gospel some days, which gives opportunity once again for people working there to hear the gospel. I am so thankful for these small opportunities that the Lord gives me and the others that have been sharing the gospel with me. It has been encouraging to talk with unbelievers and spend some time reasoning with them about who Christ is and sharing with them the great and wonderful hope that we have in Christ.

New Opportunities

This next weekend, I will be in Helena again for Thanksgiving with my family. The day after Thanksgiving there will be a Christmas Stroll downtown there. We have wrapped up some Gospels of John and will be giving some of them out there, as well as handing out Christmas gospel tracts and small calendar cards for the New Year and talking with people about Christ and Christmas. Please pray for me and my family as we do this, All of my siblings are of the age where they know the gospel and are eager and willing to help, so I pray for boldness as we go out and share the gospel with these people in Helena and that all of them might come to know Christ through this.

The next week I will be back in Bozeman again as finals will be the following week.  December 7th we will be in downtown Bozeman once again to hand out gospels of John and gospel tracts for their Christmas Stroll as well as talking with people about Christ and Christmas. Though my sibling will not be there, my brothers and sisters in Christ will be there.  What a great opportunity to share the gospel with people in these two cities in Montana.

These events bring out so many people and we pray that the Lord would help us as we talk with them that we would have wisdom, boldness, compassion and love for the people here that need the Savior.

Here are a few prayer requests:

1.      Praise the Lord for all the opportunities we have had so far this semester.

2.      Pray that the hearts of people might be softened and that their eyes would be open to the state they are in and that they would repent and believe in Christ.

3.      Pray that we might make some good contacts and be able to follow up with them.

4.      Pray that the Lord would help us as we talk with them that we would have wisdom, boldness, compassion and love for the people here that need the Savior.

5.      Pray for the rest of this school year that more people would have questions and that I would also get more opportunities to share the gospel with people that I know.

6.      Pray for the believers on campus that they would be a bold witness and lay aside the things of this world. That they would not be distracted, but follow whole heartedly after Christ.

7. Above all please pray that Christ might be glorified. That is our words and our actions that we would portray Christ.

Thank you all for your prayers. I appreciate them. For now this is my mission field and this is where the Lord wants me. I am thankful to Him for what He is doing, though I do not know what lies in the future. I trust that He does. Thank you again.

Your brother in Christ,
T.J. Kerttula

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