Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Not much time

Yesterday as I was at work (I work at a retirement home) I found out that a dear lady had died and they were having the funeral in the afternoon. Just a few weeks ago I had been cleaning her carpet and I had seen a Gideon’s New Testament sitting on her couch. I went on cleaning and I noticed she had her TV on a channel that was trying to sell very expensive Jewelry and she sat there ooing and awing. I could see she really wanted it. I thought to myself, “She is longing for worldly things that she cannot take with her when she dies.” As I was leaving I picked up the New Testament and asked her if she had read the Bible. She said not much. I told her my favorite story was in this book and I opened it up to the book of John and gave it to her and she turned the TV off and sat down right there and started reading it. I will never know if she accepted Christ as her Savior. My plan was to talk to her about it later and I never got the chance. If some of you were in my shoes you might be kicking yourself because you didn’t share the gospel with her right there and then. The fact of the matter I am not kicking myself. The Lord moved me to share the story of Christ with this woman through the little Gideon Bible she had. Not only that the past is the past and you can’t change it so move forward. It made me think about a few things. So often we hold back talking to people about Christ. Anyone can die at anytime anywhere. When I was thinking about this, I thought there is not much time. The Rapture is coming soon and I want as many people to come to heaven with me as I can get to come. Most people don’t realize the urgency of the situation. This woman’s death showed me the urgency even more than before. People think well they will just reject it what’s the point well it is better that you tried to tell them about Jesus than to just let them go without knowing the gospel and it is not you that they are rejecting but Jesus. We should do everything in light of eternity and for the sake of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So I hope that you will BOLDLY share the Gospel to everyone you know and don’t know because the rapture is near. There is not much time. I would hate to see all those people headed for hell and not even know what the gospel is. So again I implore you to join with me in telling everyone about Jesus Christ.

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